Employee Bonus Guidelines
Division of State
Human Resources
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Phone: (803) 896-5300
Amount/Frequency of Bonuses and Source of Funds:

  • An employee may receive more than one bonus in a fiscal year; however, the total amount of the bonuses received for the fiscal year may not exceed $3,000. (Proviso 117.61 Employee Bonuses)

  • State, federal, and other sources of revenue may be used to award bonuses.

  • Agencies using federal funds for bonuses must show that the use of these funds is in compliance with federal law.

  • Approval Authority:

  • The Agency Director is the final authority responsible for approving employee bonuses.

  • Eligibility:

  • All permanent and probationary employees in full-time equivalent positions are eligible to receive a bonus under these provisions.

  • Agency Directors are not eligible to receive bonuses.

  • Employees earning $100,000 or more are not eligible to receive bonuses.

  • Approval Criteria:

    Bonuses may be awarded to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of individual employees. Examples of appropriate reasons for awarding bonuses are:

  • Contributions to increased organizational productivity,

  • Development and/or implementation of improved work processes,

  • Exceptional customer service,

  • Realized cost savings, or

  • Other specific contributions to the success of the organization.

  • Documentation and Reporting Requirements:

  • Agencies must develop a plan for awarding bonuses to employees and keep such plan on file at the agency. Agencies must also make available to employees the plan that explains the criteria for awarding bonuses.

  • Agencies should submit plans to the Human Resources Division (HRD) for information.

  • Agencies must document the reason for any bonus payments awarded.

  • Agencies must report to the Human Resources Division (HRD) the following information egarding the payment of a bonus to any employee:

  • Name
    Date Awarded
    Social Security Number
    Source of funds
    Reason for Awarding Bonus
    Amount of Bonus

    Effective July 1, 2008